• The provision of help desk services and operations training
  • Project, systems and platform management
  • An understanding of technological advancements and ability to test tools that can be applied to the library environment
  • The collection and publication of library statistics
  • Benchmarking, library assessment and measurement, data analysis
  • Interlibrary loans and document delivery
  • Extensive analysis of business practices and workflows

Helpdesk support and systems managed by CAVAL

  • Inter-Library Loans & Document Delivery
  • Relais D2D
  • JUSP ANZ Service
  • CAUL statistics

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

With our expertise in all aspects of Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery, we can provide a range of services

  • Implementation and management of a complete ILL & DDS service for libraries
  • Advice on the selection and implementation of an automated ILL/DDS system
  • Relevant training for library staff

Relais Inter Library Loans

Relais Inter Library Loans Based in Ottawa, Canada, Relais™ International Inc has been providing ISO ILL compliant Inter Library Loan and resource sharing systems for over a decade. CAVAL joined hands with Relais to provide a significant immediate and long-term benefit to libraries in Australia and New Zealand by affording access to local hosting, support and training for Australasian customers of the Relais ILL Management Software. The Help Desk operates as a triage service, assigning local resources to issues based on their severity and urgency, and escalating calls to the Relais International Service Centre in Canada where appropriate. CAVAL’s Digital specialists provide application support for Relais. Currently, 19 Australian libraries are using Relais to interoperate with over 1000 Australian and New Zealand libraries and also libraries worldwide.

Relais D2D (Discovery to Delivery), the standards-based software for discovery and resource sharing for cooperating libraries is also marketed by CAVAL in Australasia as Relais D2D. Relais D2D seamlessly integrates the discovery experience for both end users and staff with request management and delivery functions. D2D optimizes the user’s ability to discover items of interest and get immediate access to or request delivery of the material with minimal or no intervention by staff. Based on a modular open approach, a library can further optimize its options by combining the functionality in D2D with other systems and software making D2D the future for resource sharing.