Enjoying the position of Australia's longest established and most experienced cataloguing service provider, CAVAL provides all the necessary tools to manage your physical and electronic collection.

Metadata Services:

Put simply, Metadata is Data about data or Data that defines and describes other data.

Metadata Usage includes internet, intranet and portals, digital catalogues, curriculum Resources and records management, online catalogues of physical objects.

CAVAL's services include:
  • Application of national, international or in-house schema
  • Advice on schema and structured elements (controlled values such as subject, data, URL) and unstructured elements (free text such as title, description and keywords)
  • Advice on metadata generation tools
  • Advice on choosing or developing a controlled vocabulary
  • All languages
CAVAL’s flexibility:
  • Individual procedures for each project
  • Qualified and experienced librarians/cataloguers
  • On or off-site
  • Flexible billing
  • Dedicated and high level customer service
  • Special collection cataloguing (maps, microfilms, toys, etc.)
  • Ability to create records remotely (experts in various LMS)
CAVAL streamlines cataloguing and saves you time by:
  • Clearing backlogs
  • Retrospective conversions of all kinds
  • Authority maintenance
  • Database maintenance
  • End-processing including book stitching and repairs
  • Metadata services
  • Stocktakes
  • Indexing and abstracting of periodicals or specialist collections
  • Reclassifying-experts in all classification schema(s) DDC, MOYS, LC