Students and staff from participating universities and TAFEs can easily register and make use of our reciprocal borrowing program at any participating library.

All you need to provide is Photo ID plus proof of enrolment and contact details. It may also be possible to register online at some libraries.

Please visit Reciprocal Borrowing FAQs section for detailed information about the program.


In order to participate you must first register in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program. You can easily register at any CAVAL member library when you go there or ask at your own University or TAFE Library. You will be given a CAVAL card which is valid until the last date shown.

If you already have a CAVAL card and wish to enrol at a library after the date shown has passed, you must have your CAVAL card re-authorised. This can be done at any member library, and provided you are still in good standing, your card will be re-authorised.

Please note that you will be required to present proof of your current enrolment.