CAVAL is a member-based not-for-profit company which offers a range of specialised products and services to academic, public and special libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

Member Services

  • CAVAL co-ordinates the academic library Reciprocal Borrowing Program, which enables higher education staff and students a simple and effective means of borrowing from the print collections of all participating libraries. 

  • CAVAL owns and operates the purpose-built CARM (CAVAL Archive and Research Materials) storage facility on behalf of its members, preserving and providing access to over a million research volumes deposited into a shared collection by member libraries for the benefit of future generations of scholars. 

  • CAVAL also provides member-oriented training and mentoring programs, seminars, research programs and other events, and co-ordinates a number of interest groups to offer the staff of member libraries with professional development and networking opportunities.

Products and Services

CAVAL also offers products and services on a commercial basis.

CARM2 building corner CARM2 shelving CARM2 glass windows CARM shelving CAVAL building: south side CAVAL entrance