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Highest quality, lowest risk in a flexible storage facility


CAVAL, an established not-for-profit agency in the cultural industry, provides a specially designed storage facility for organizations requiring a high quality and low risk storage solution at a reasonable rate

What sets the CARM Centre above other storage facilities?

  • Environmentally controlled
  • Highest quality
  • Lowest risk
  • Secure
  • Viewing room facilities
  • Flexible arrangements
  • Management systems for easy access and audit
  • Trusted provider/partner in the cultural industry

CARM Shared Collection

Within the CARM Centre, the CARM Shared collection is managed by CAVAL for long-term ownership, maintenance and access, providing a cost-effective solution to archival storage for member libraries. The Centre gives libraries fast, easy access to rarely-used material, delivering requested material digitally to the user-desktop. Members can save millions of dollars in storage costs by utilising this facility.


CARM Shared Collection holdings can be found through  

Accessing the CARM Shared Collection Material

Use Interlibrary Loans to borrow items or obtain articles from the CARM Centre

Download the CARM Centre information sheet [PDF] 278KB

CARM publications, presentations and research

Details are available on the CAVAL Research and Advocacy webpage.

CARM Shared Collection Procedures

For more information on the CARM Centre contact Eva Varga, CARM Centre Manager (03) 9450 5514